Greetings UTU Trust Guardians! We excited to announce that we’ve deployed UTU Protocol on Optimism! Optimism (OP) is a cutting-edge Ethereum layer 2 (L2) blockchain that has many of us UTU Trust Guardians are feeling optimistic! This deployment marks another significant milestone in our journey towards our multi-chain future, following closely on the heels of our recent deployment on NEAR Aurora. With UTU now accessible on Optimism, developers have even more options to seamlessly integrate UTU into their (d)apps and enhance trust within their systems.

Optimism: A Game-Changing Solution

Optimism is a low-cost and lightning-fast Ethereum L2 blockchain designed by Ethereum developers, for Ethereum developers. Leveraging its EVM-equivalent architecture, Optimism scales Ethereum applications at a fraction of the cost, providing an optimal solution for developers seeking to enhance their projects. We are incredibly excited about this deployment as it empowers developers with a high-performance platform to integrate UTU and build trust in their incredibly fast growing ecosystem of dApps and developers!

Seamless Integration and Testing

To facilitate a smooth integration process, we have deployed a UTTProxy contract on Optimism, which seamlessly forwards endorsement and $UTU reward claims to the main UTT contract on Polygon. While client applications supporting Optimism are not yet available, we are actively working on adding support for Optimism to the UTU SDK and browser extension. Additionally, we eagerly anticipate the integration of UTU into various applications on the Optimism network.

UTU Coin on Optimism

In addition to the deployment of UTTProxy on Optimism, we have also bridged $UTU to the Optimism network. This will allow users to claim their $UTU rewards directly on Optimism, thereby making it unnecessary for users to interact with other chains to use UTU.

Contract Addresses on Optimism

We have deployed UTU protocol on both testnets and mainnets, so you can try it out e.g. using the Optimism testnet explorer. For your reference, here are the contract addresses related to UTU on the Optimism network:

Main Nets

Test Nets

Conclusion: Unlocking the Potential of UTU on Optimism

The deployment of UTU protocol on Optimism represents a significant step forward in expanding the accessibility, potential integrations, and use cases within the Optimism ecosystem. OP Devs now have the opportunity to deliver even more value to their users with UTU’s reputation and reviews mechanism natively on OP, and across web3 with UTU Protocol now live on Optimism, Polygon, & Near Aurora.

Experience the power of UTU on Optimism by delving into our UTU developer documentation today and unlock the full potential of better trust in your (d)Apps!