We will work together to integrate the UTU Trust API into the Qubism NFT marketplace to improve the customer experience.

Hello UTU Trust Guardians!

We are excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Qubism to launch the UTU Trust API on their non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace to create a more trustworthy environment for collectors, buyers, and sellers.

What is Qubism?

Qubism is a cross-chain NFT marketplace where users can build their own 3D virtual reality (VR) art galleries. Sellers and collectors can create their exhibitions easily on the platforms with an array of integrations and features allowing full customization at the touch of a button. Qubism is currently developing a mobile-accessible app that will host an augmented reality exhibition.

The Qubism team is committed to building a user-friendly interface that houses advanced filters and live customer support. With the Qubism token bridge, users will be able to transfer tokens across blockchains, making the marketplace even more decentralized.

How will UTU and Qubism work together?

By integrating the UTU Trust API into the Qubism marketplace, users will get personalized recommendations and ratings from similar collectors, buyers and sellers. The ability to add badges and video stories will further improve the quality of reviews. 

Artists selling their NFTs will benefit from increased sales and uptake. In addition to the user-friendly features on Qubism, buyers can make purchase decisions in a more trustworthy environment. 

Soon, the Trust API will allow Qubism to connect social platforms so that users can see what people in their circles think about sellers, buyers, artworks, and collectibles on the platform. This connection would be completely user-permissioned and will offer contextualized information based on the level of data provided.

“Working with Qubism to integrate the UTU Trust API on their unique NFT marketplace is another step for us in facilitating trustworthy interactions on web3. We support their mission to improve the user experience in the booming NFT economy and help more people reap the benefits of decentralization on the internet. Artists and buyers should be empowered to trade art and collectibles in trustworthy spaces. We are very excited to work with Qubism!

— Jason Eisen, Co-Founder and CEO of UTU

About Qubism

Qubism aims to be the number one decentralized platform for NFT, exploring all the possible solutions to have massive user adoption, offering simplicity and great customer support.

Qubism will implement a unique feature, where users show NFTs collection in a 3D VR museum and directly sell their NFTs globally. Users will be able to customize their own galleries without coding skills. 

Learn more about Qubism on their website, Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

About UTU

UTU is building the trust infrastructure of the internet to help users and platforms engage and transact in an easier, safer, and more trustworthy way.

Starting with Web3 and DeFi apps, we provide AI-powered curation of trust signals from your network at just the right places and times to help you connect, send, swap, stake, and borrow with confidence. 

The UTU blockchain protocol transforms the economics of trust. It rewards you for performing trustworthy actions and sharing your data, and ensures trust can’t be bought or manipulated.

We are proudly based in Nairobi, Kenya with frens all over.
Learn more about us on our website, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube and Facebook.