We will work together to integrate the UTU Trust API into the Dreamr platform to help their users more easily find connections to pursue their dreams together. 

Hello UTU Trust Guardians!

We are excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Dreamr to deploy the UTU Trust API on their dream marketplace to help users make like-minded connections to fulfill their dreams!

Read on to learn more about Dreamr and how we’ll work together. 

utu x dreamr

What is Dreamr?

Dreamr is an ecosystem of social networking and decentralized financial tools designed specifically to make it practical for people to pursue their biggest dreams and aspirations. 

Users of the Dreamr platform can:

  • Declare their dream and make positive, supportive connections in a mobile and video-first online networking experience.
  • Dreamweave (co-dream) with other users to form a “super-network” around their active dream.
  • Launch crowdfunding campaigns around their individual and shared dreams.
  • Monetize their skills through a peer-to-peer service marketplace.
  • Earn rewards that translate into exclusive benefits, merchandise, and access to special features within the Dreamr platform.

The team recently announced the listing of the Dreamr Platform Token (DMR) on Bittrex Global and Uniswap.

How will UTU and Dreamr work together?

Working together in the pursuit of dreams requires an extremely high level of trust. And the UTU Trust API will be a critical piece of the Dreamr ecosystem to help its users discover potential partners, ensure that they are trustworthy to work with, and much more. 

With the integration of the UTU Trust API into the Dreamr applications, users will be able to see trust signals for and receive personalized recommendations of connections who may be aligned in pursuing similar dreams. The Trust API will ingest available data about users, dreams, and other entities to deliver these recommendations and help users expand their network around their dreams. 

When Dreamr launches its peer-to-peer hiring marketplace, the UTU Trust API will recommend service providers who are the best fit for projects that need to be completed. 

Additionally, Dreamr users can rate and review other users, services, and entities on the platform to provide in-depth feedback and power even better recommendations. Users will have the ability to add specific badges and video stories to improve the quality of reviews, providing even more context and insight into who may be best fits to work together. 

“Building a safe, supportive environment within Dreamr for our users is key to the future success of the platform. We are very impressed with the UTU team’s vision of building the trust infrastructure of the internet, and we’re excited to integrate the UTU Trust API into our applications and services. Together, we will be able to better serve Dreamr user’s by providing them insightful trust signals before deciding to transact with another party.

— Chris Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Dreamr

“Everyone has dreams they want to follow, and it’s not always easy to find others to pursue them with. So we’re thrilled to work with the Dreamr team to integrate the UTU Trust API into their apps. Together, we’ll make it easier for Dreamr users to find like-minded, trustworthy connections and help them build these important networks. We can’t wait to work with Dreamr to help their users pursue their dreams!” 

— Jason Eisen, Co-Founder and CEO of UTU

About Dreamr 

The Dreamr Ecosystem (“Dreamr”) encompasses a conglomerati of entities and organizations working harmoniously to build innovative products and produce top-quality content around the core premises of; the psychology of goal achievement, unity over separation, and leveraging technology to make the pursuit of one’s dreams more practical.  

Dreamr comprises a digital platform, the dreamr app, as well as physical components like The Dream Machine Tour, which leverage the app’s community to produce real world events and media. Dreamr has a core philosophy of delivering its community value first, and utilizes giving back as a practical model to create value through its philanthropic arm, The Dream Machine Foundation.

Learn more about Dreamr on their website, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube and Telegram. Download the Dreamr app on iOS and Android.

About UTU

UTU is building the trust infrastructure of the internet to help businesses and consumers engage and transact in an easier, safer, and more trustworthy way. 

Our AI-based API products collect and analyze data to create trust signals and personalized recommendations that help consumers and businesses make the best decisions for their situation. And the UTU blockchain protocol rewards users for trustworthy actions and compensates them for sharing their data while protecting their privacy. 

UTU changes the economics of trust, ensures trust can’t be bought or manipulated, and leverages data to help people make better decisions. 

We are proudly based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Learn more about us on our website, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube and Facebook.