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Did you miss the AMA with Kephi Gallery CEO Nicolás Verderosa held on August 26, 2021? Check out the full transcript below!

We’ve partnered with Kephi Gallery to integrate the UTU Trust API into their NFT marketplace and explore ways for users to further monetize their art: UTU and Kephi Gallery Partner to Enhance Trust in their NFT Marketplace. Nico talked about what makes Kephi Gallery unique in the NFT marketplace space and how we’ll work together. UTU Head of Marketing Shiku Njathi was the host.

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kephi gallery AMA on UTU Telegram

Q1: Please begin by introducing yourself, your background, and how you got into crypto.

A1 [Nico]: Hello everyone! It’s a pleasure to be here! My name is Nicolás Verderosa and I’m Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kephi Gallery.

To tell you a bit about my background, I am a lawyer, with 10 years of experience in the public sector as a government legal advisor. I am a firm believer in the financial independence that blockchain technology provides. And I’ve been in crypto since 2017.

My area of expertise is Marketing and PR, and among important positions I’ve held are LATAM Head of Partnerships of PrimeXBT, Arum Trade Head of Sales and Huobi Global Business Development Manager.

Apart from crypto, my other passion is art. Having been in the theatre industry for all my life, first as an actor and later on as a producer.

Like most of us I got into crypto first as a Bitcoin hodler, and quickly evolved from there to different areas of this exciting world.

R1: Lawyer plus actor. Neat combination! ?

[Nico]: Lawyers are all a bit actors in my opinion 🙂

Q2: Please provide us with an overview of what Kephi Gallery is and why it’s awesome.

A2 [Nico]: Kephi Gallery is a cross-chain, low fees, NFT  marketplace built on KardiaChain and Binance Smart Chain where artists from different disciplines can get together and share (and monetize!) their work. From visual arts, to music, from movie clips to even theatre, every artist is welcome to mint their NFT and start trading their pieces of art.

The main problem with current NFT platforms are related to their development in the Ethereum blockchain, which translates to very high gas fees for artists and customers. This makes the NFT market in developing economies to be quite limited.

Associated with this issue, NFT platforms are built around the “marketplace” idea, rather than providing artists with a simple yet powerful gallery to properly display their work. They require an educated notion of how blockchain technology works and its advantages, how NFTs are bought and sold and what they represent. This can alienate the not-so-tech savvy artists into entering the NFT community.

In Kephi Gallery, we aim to take care of these two issues, so everyone can mint their digital collectibles regardless of their budget or technological knowledge.

So our main focus is on cross-chain interoperability and low fees!

R2: Pretty cool. Especially for that low fees point. I will be back to that point in a few!

[Nico]: Of course!

Q3: So what are you focusing on at Kephi Gallery now and what’s on your roadmap for the next few months?

A3 [Nico]: Well right our main focus is on finishing the development of the platform, which is due early Q4 2021. Aside from that we are working on building more partnerships (both crypto and non-crypto) and listings. 

We are listed on Pancakeswap and Kaidex (as DEXs) and Bilaxy and Nami (as of tomorrow) for CEXs.

We have our token deployed on both Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain so some of these exchanges work for different versions of our token. Luckily there´s an easy way to swap between chains (1:1) using the bridge built by KardiaChain.

If I may share a link, I will give you the first images of Kephy Gallery in a short clip. https://t.me/Kephi_news/196 

R3: Nice! ?I am sure everyone will enjoy the watch. Lots of work ahead and all the best with it!

[Nico]: Thanks! Yeah, we have a long roadmap ahead. I invite you all to check it out in kephi.io

Q4: Can you talk about the partnership with UTU and how we’ll work together?

A4 [Nico]: Happy to! So as you know, we aim to have a big volume of artists and buyers coming together to mint, sell and buy NFTs. And this quite get pretty messy. Through UTU’s partnership we aim to bring a personalized experience to each user to get recommendations of what pieces he or she might be interested in buying, based on previous factors (like what other pieces they have bought, which artists they are following or have liked, etc).

We aim to bring a trustworthy rank system, to build a trustworthy platform as a whole. And also make the experience for each user smooth and comfortable.

We see many NFT marketplaces where people just “throw” NFTs there hoping that one day someone will see them and buy them.

With UTU we will bring potential sellers together with potential buyers to try to make that experience much easier and successful.

R4: Well said. We’re all about personalized experiences in trustworthy spaces based on user-permissioned data. We really look forward to building this together.

You are our first NFT marketplace partner. ?

At this point Shiku opens the AMA for the entire group chat to ask their questions on the UTU Telegram.

Q5: In the $KPHI tokenomic, there is an allocation of funds for the Loyalty Program. Can you explain what the loyalty program is? Will you give Rewards to Holders? Or will you hold a contest for your community from the Loyalty Program’s allocation of funds?

A5 [Nico]: This is a very interesting question…let me talk to you a bit about our “marketplace mining” and Loyalty Program.

As I’ve mentioned we have our own utility token called Kephi (KPHI) which is deployed on BSC and Kardiachain.

KPHI will be available for mining by those who use the platform to buy and sell NFTs. The way this will work will be detailed on our upcoming White Paper, but it will be periodically distributed amongst buyers and sellers.

Aside from that, we will have a broad Loyalty Program in which KPHI will be used for benefits such as:

Discounts on fees, NFT Airdrops, Special profile frames (to make your artwork standout), Appear on KEPHI’S own collection…and many more!

Q6: Is Kephi a “Free for all” marketplace or will you guys apply some kind of “pre-curation” with your NFTs?

Or will that point be handled with your users together with the Trust API?

A6 [Nico]: Kephi Gallery will be a “free for all” environment. We won’t be doing pre-curation, anyone can mint their NFTs.  We will however have special featured collections.

Kephi’s own collection will stand out pieces we choose, or those of users who are staking KPHI tokens to do so. And then we will have our partners’ collections that will be handled by them in terms of what pieces they publish.

So in essence we can have pre-curated collections, to bring a sense of exclusivity. But we won’t leave anyone out of Kephi Gallery.

Q7: What is the total token supply from the perspective of multiple chains?

A7 [Nico]: Our token supply is 50,000,000 tokens. This is our total supply and will never ever be more than that in circulation, even though we have deployed the same amount in each blockchain. We handle the excess of it with a proof-of -asset contract where they will be locked.

Q8: Author or creator still owns the right to make copies of works that are already NFT? And how can purchasers or collectors identify if this NFT work is original & only one? Do artists have any sort of copyright over stolen art that has been converted to NFT?

A8 [Nico]: The creator of an NFT can choose to create a single copy or multiple ones, and they can set a price for direct sale or base price for auction. Once they created the NFT, there is no way to change the amount or create more of the same kind. 

But it’s important to say that, after the first sale, the creator will still hold rights to receive royalties from the secondary market.

Q9: So in terms of vision, what is your long-term vision about the industry you are working in? Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and are you afraid a better technology will arise that will topple KPHI (Kephi Gallery)?

A9 [Nico]: Lastly, our first objective is to conquer Latin America as an NFT marketplace and gallery for all kinds of art. We will not neglect our global vision though, and we will always aim higher.

In terms of better technology that may arise, this can happen with any crypto project. It is up to us to keep up to date with the latest news of the market and act accordingly. NFTs are a trend and will remain so for a  long time, for sure.

At this point questions posted on Twitter are introduced.

Q10: If I have Kphi on farm pools but the impermanent loss makes that my kphis will be less than before ,then will I not be chosen for NFT Airdrop? Should I leave  kephi farms?

A10 [Nico]: I think we answered this on Twitter but I will answer it again here. This question refers to our announcement that we will be awarding our IFO/IDO investors with a very special NFT, but only if they have not sold. Any sort of loss of tokens that wasn´t due to the interaction with an exchange will not be a cause to be disqualified from the airdrop. So don´t worry, you don’t need to stop farming.

And this opens the window for me to mention one special announcement.

Tomorrow we will open a new single KPHI farming pool with one of our partners! It’s going to be for a limited time so stay tuned to our announcements channel @Kephi_news

So you can farm with only KPHI,no need to add liquidity to any DEX.

Q11: So selling your artwork is as simple as a few clicks, upload, pressing the mint button and waiting for buyers? All of the rest is being taken care of by Kephi gallery?

A11 [Nico]: We will make it as easy and seemless as possible. It will be as easy as connecting your  Metamask or Kaiwallet, uploading your file and press mint. We will make sure to publish all sort of educational material on how to do it and what NFTs are, to make it easy for non tech savy people to use our platform.

Q12: Most NFT platforms use the Ethereum blockchain, yours is based on KardiaChain’s blockchain. How can it mean low fees? Could you please explain this issue in detail?

A12 [Nico]: This is possible due to KardiaChain technology.  We decided to use their tech for three reasons: accessibility, cross-chain integration and lower fees. NFTs, minted on Kephi Gallery will use the KRC-721 and KRC-1155 standard and pay fees using KAI (which is x10,000 times cheaper than ETH). Other than that KardiaChain can approve 6000+ TPS, with 5s confirmation time. If a user decided to mint using BSC the fees may differ, but still will not be expensive.

That marked the end of our AMA. Keep an eye out for more informative AMAs coming soon! 

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