Here are updates to our roadmap that provide more detail on our testnet, mainnet, bounty programs, and more.

Hello UTU Trust Guardians!

We’ve made some important updates to our company and product roadmap for 2022.

These include a ton of information about our testnet, mainnet, other products, community initiatives, and more!

Let’s jump right into it!

UTU Roadmap Update January 2022

Q1 2022

Launch the UTU Protocol Testnet

The plan was to release the UTU testnet in Q4 2021, but issues with the implementation of the oracle, due to the unique way we’re using it, held us up. 

We’re working through these technical issues and will launch the testnet soon!

Here are some of the features that will be included in the initial version of the testnet:

  1. UTU Trust Token (UTT) endorsement smart contracts, where you receive UTT for submitting accurate ratings, reviews, and recommendations on our DeFi Portal.
  2. Ability to receive UTT for connecting your social media accounts to our protocol.
  3. Online version of the UTU user dashboard for you to track your UTT balances.

We will also aim to complete the initial integration of the testnet’s endorsement smart contract into our Trust API and SDK by the end of Q1.

Stay tuned for more information on how you can participate in battle-testing our testnet.

Deliver Ocean Market Integration Milestones 2 and 3 

We’ve already delivered Milestone 1 of our partnership with Ocean Protocol, where we integrated our Trust API to provide information about and rate Ocean Market data assets and accounts. We’ve integrated these trust signals into the Ocean Market section of our DeFi Portal.

In Milestone 2, we’ll design how these signals will be directly integrated into Ocean Market. 

In Milestone 3, we’ll extend the definition of what “In your network” entails for Ocean Market users, and generally improve the trust signals. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Integrating with decentralized ID providers to access more user information.
  • Allowing users to connect their social networks to increase the number of social connections available to analyze. 
  • Performing collaborative filtering of Ocean Market transactions to find related user transaction behavior on other platforms.

There’s a lot to be done for our partnership with Ocean, and much of what we’re building for them can be used to develop and improve the UTU Protocol, Trust API, and other products. 

Open Up Our Roadmap

In the spirit of transparency and decentralization, we will open up and provide more details about our roadmap to the broader UTU community above and beyond these roadmap update blog posts. 

You’ll be able to see, analyze, and vote on what features and products we plan to build and help steer the direction of our product development process. 

We would love your feedback on ways to build out this “Open Roadmap Initiative”, so look out for more information soon. 

Launch UTU Grants and Bounties

We’ll need as much help as we can get in building out our roadmap. There’s a lot to do to grow UTU – lots to build across our API products and the UTU Protocol, and many tasks to complete to expand our ecosystem – and we can’t do it all ourselves!

So by the end of Q1, we’ll create bounties and programs for developers to help develop UTU products, and others to help spread the UTU gospel, and more.

If you’re looking to contribute to our ecosystem, fill out this Google form so we can reach out to you when we get this going!

Q2 2022

Launch UTU Mainnet

After extensive testing, iteration, and improvement of our testnet, we expect to launch the initial version of the UTU mainnet in Q2 2022.

We will then improve upon the UTU mainnet’s functionality and stability and better integrate it with the Trust API and SDK.

This is where the full power of UTU will be realized. 

The UTU Protocol will reward users for accurate rating and reviews and sharing their data with the protocol, while the Trust API and SDK will make it easy for applications to integrate and use this trust data. The combination of the protocol with the Trust API and SDK will be huge in increasing trust across the entire internet.

Extend Testnet with Data Privacy Controls and UTT → UTU Conversion Mechanism

We’ll continue to develop key features of the UTU Protocol and release them on testnet. 

The ability to control how your data is used across platforms is a core tenet of the UTU Protocol.  We’ll develop the preliminary models for privacy-preserving endorsements and data usage rights controls so you can be sure that only the data that you want to share will be shared. 

We’ll also build the first version of the UTU Trust Token (UTT) to UTU Coin (UTU) conversion mechanism. This is where you can use the trust that you’ve built up in our system (represented by the amount of UTT you acquire) and convert it to monetary benefit (UTU Coin). 

We’ll deploy these features on mainnet once they’ve been sufficiently tested on testnet. 

Deliver Ocean Market Integration Milestones 4, 5, and 6

Milestone 4 of our Ocean partnership includes updating UTU trust signals calculation to support the Ocean v4 release.

In Milestone 5, we’ll implement the design and functionality we created for Milestone 2 directly into Ocean Market with the reworked backend for Ocean Market v4.

We’ll build our trust signals into the Ocean Market community signals widget for Milestone 6.

The completion of these milestones depend on when Ocean upgrades their protocol to v4, but we expect to complete Milestones 4 and 5 in Q2 2022.

Q3 2022

Integrate More Data Sources into the UTU Protocol

The UTU Protocol’s effectiveness depends heavily on the data that gets fed into it. 

So we’ll build methods to collect and ingest data from social networks, rating sites, and other data sources and feed this into the UTU Protocol to increase its value and improve our AI models.

We’ll focus on data that is related to the use cases we’re working on, starting with DeFi and our integration with Ocean. 

We aim for strong community involvement on this from the Open Roadmap process and developer bounty program.

Deploy Browser Extensions

We want all of the data, ratings, and reviews from our protocol to be accessible everywhere across the internet so users can access this important trust information easily. 

One of the most efficient ways to achieve this is to build browser extensions that identify what dapp you’re using and deliver relevant trust information right then and there. 

Which browsers we’ll start with is still to be determined, but this will be a massive step in having our protocol data accessible anywhere and everywhere. 

Deliver Ocean Market Integration Milestone 7

For Milestone 7, we will add interactive curation of Ocean assets in our DeFi Portal and to Ocean Market’s community signals. We’ll use all of the trust signal data combined with user ratings and reviews to provide curated recommendations of relevant data sets and providers. 

Introduce the UTU Governance Process

We will launch the initial version of the UTU protocol governance process, where you, the UTU Trust Guardians, will be responsible for leading the future direction of the network!

This may be very much aligned with the Open Roadmap Initiative and UTU Grants and Bounties programs mentioned above. 

You’ll be able to create UTU Improvement Proposals, discuss them with your fellow Trust Guardians, and eventually vote for what gets implemented. 

Q4 2022

Extend Trust API/SDK to Support Additional Sectors and Platforms

In addition to browser extensions, we will continue to customize and extend our Trust API and SDK to other important sectors. 

Our primary focus will be on Web3 verticals where trust is most important. We’ll continue building out features for data marketplaces like Ocean and Big Data Protocol and DeFi apps like decentralized exchanges and lending platforms. Decentralized HR/freelance marketplaces, NFT marketplaces, and others may then follow. 

This may also include product integrations into crypto wallets, messaging apps like Telegram, and many more. 

Some of this development will certainly be part of the bounty program. 

Release Android and iOS SDKs for the UTU Trust API

We will also release the Trust SDK for Android so developers can easily integrate our Trust API functionality into their Android apps. There are over 3 billion Android users spanning over 190 countries, so our Android SDK can be a huge step in the adoption of UTU around the globe. 

We’ll also launch our iOS SDK to allow developers to integrate UTU into their iPhone apps. 

These native integrations will also help us aggregate important social data from users’ phone books and social graphs (in a privacy-preserving way, of course).

Deploy UTU User Dashboard on Mobile

Sticking with the mobile theme, we also plan to deploy native apps for the UTU user dashboard. Here’s where you’ll be able to track your UTT and UTU balances, perform conversions of UTT to UTU, and much more, natively on Android and iOS.

We’re still scoping out the feature set, with the possibility of this becoming the most trusted, full-fledged crypto wallet. 👀


We are super excited to launch testnet, mainnet, and additional products to increase trust across the entire internet. And we can’t wait for you to be more involved in the process!

Please let us know what you think by sending us your thoughts on Twitter or Telegram.

Thank you so much for your support!

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