UTU Public Roadmap 2023

At UTU, we are committed to building a trustworthy and reliable decentralized web that empowers users and promotes transparency. That’s why we are thrilled to relaunch our UTU Public Roadmap – a living document designed to provide a transparent and collaborative overview of our development priorities and upcoming features.

Our Public Roadmap is tailored to the needs of the web3 community, and we have incorporated features that will help us better serve our users and partners in the blockchain space. We understand that trust is the most valuable asset in web3, and we believe that transparency, collaboration, and feedback are the keys to building trust.

We are opening up our roadmap on Notion for you to learn about our development priorities, upcoming features, and completed tasks. We are huge fans of the platform and we think it’s an easier approach to keep a transparent view of our roadmap. You can check it out here or view the snippet below.

Here are the highlights of what’s coming up next!

Make Browser Extension less intrusive, more intuitive in how & when it shows signals!

For early users of the extension we can only say we know and we are working on it. The current version is, shall we say, a bit bold. We’d like to make the next version a lot more elegant and less in-your-face. It means it will generally be smaller and/or out of your way when it’s not needed and available in a quick click when you need it. It will also intuitively let you know when signals are available and when you have an opportunity to be the first to endorse something. There are also some interference problems with certain things like Captchas that will be solved in the next version.

Revised API/SDK Docs

True to our commitment to provide updated and improved documentation to support developers to build on the UTU Protocol, we will be publishing documentation on how to use the UTU Trust API and SDK tools to integrate with the UTU Protocol. The goal is to make it easier for developers to build dApps and services on the UTU Protocol. The revised API/SDK docs will be made available on the UTU website soon.

Publish UTU development repos, documentation, and mechanisms for community development

We are committed to offering resources to support developers to build on UTU Protocol. These include code repositories, documentation, and other tools and mechanisms. We will continue to work with the broader web3 community to encourage collaboration, feedback, and contribution. In the near future, we will launch hackathons, bounties, and other initiatives designed to foster innovation and engagement.

Add upgradeability, withdrawal of staked UTT and $UTU Rewards to UTU Protocol smart contract

Upgradeability means that we’ll no longer need to migrate the smart contract address every time we make changes…simpler times ahead! 

Users will soon be able to unstake their UTT (reputation) that they’ve previously staked on endorsements (in case you change your mind about a service or want to reallocate your reputation). This is an important feature for users to have control over their reputation. 

Users will also be able to earn $UTU rewards (the governance token of the UTU ecosystem) for creating good outcomes for others with their staked endorsements. This is the heart of UTU protocol and the hinge of economic model – that the creation of a positive economic incentive model for the building of trust online will flip the current trajectory of the web towards mistrust.

Deliver UTU Protocol on NEAR

We are also readying to implement UTU on the NEAR blockchain after we were awarded a grant to start this development. By delivering UTU protocol on NEAR, we aim to provide you with a more scalable and secure platform for dApp integration to access our reputation and review mechanisms. By developing an UTU Trust Token (UTT) “satellite” smart contract on NEAR Aurora, we will enable users to acquire UTT by providing feedback and making on-chain staked endorsements natively on NEAR. Users can then be rewarded in $UTU for their UTT earnings directly.

We will continue to work closely with our users and partners to ensure that we are meeting their needs and expectations. We welcome feedback and suggestions from you and encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas with us.

We believe that openness, collaboration, and feedback are essential to building trust in the decentralized web. We are proud to launch our UTU Public Roadmap and stay accountable to the Trust Guardian community. We encourage you to check it out, share your thoughts and ideas with us, and join us to create a more trustworthy and reliable decentralized web. Thank you for your support in building trust in web3!

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