UTU Crowdsale Walkthrough

UTU Crowdsale Walkthrough

This document is a step-by-step guide to the UTU Crowdsale. For a description of the token metrics and a short description of the mechanism, please see here.

The sale is for UTU Coin, an ERC20 token on Ethereum. For its source code and security audit please see our utu-coin github repository. The crowd sale smart contract is at crowdsale-contracts.

What you will need

You’ll need the following things to take part in the UTU Coin Crowdsale: 

  1. Email address
  2. Ethereum address to receive UTU Coin, controlled by a ERC-20 compatible wallet
  3. Identification Documents for verification
  4. Metamask or any wallet compatible with WalletConnect. On mobile this includes e.g. the Metamask mobile app or Trust Wallet.
  5. In this wallet at least 200 USDT that you want to spend on UTU Coin, and some ETH for transaction fees.



If you already completed our automated KYC at https://protocol-kyc.utu.io, you can skip this step. You will receive an email with your link to the Crowdsale app.


  1. Go to https://protocol-cs.utu.io and enter your email and Ethereum address to receive UTU Coin (see “What you will need”).
  2. Click “SignUp for the Crowdsale” and complete the KYC process as guided.
  3. If your KYC is approved (it usually takes up to 10 minutes), you will receive an email from crowdsale@protocol.utu.io with your Crowdsale link. 

All UTU Coin purchased with the link from the email received in step 3. will be sent to the Ethereum address in step 1. 

The link is bound to the Ethereum address to which UTU Coin will be sent. So please do not pass it to others, and only open the link in the email that you received from crowdsale@protocol.utu.io

Prepare for the Crowdsale

Follow the magic link in the email which you received after a successful KYC to open the Crowdsale DApp. 

Make sure the link goes to https://crowdsale.utu.io/#<some id>

In the Crowdsale DApp:

  1. Verify that your Ethereum address to receive UTU Coin is correct:

    Confirming Ethereum address

    Confirming Ethereum address


  2. Connect your Metamask or WalletConnect wallet that holds your USDT.
    If your connected address does not match the address from the signature, a warning is shown. In this case, verify that you indeed want to send USDT from a different address, and that both addresses are correct:

    After connecting wallet when connected address doesn't match address in the signature.

    After connecting wallet when connected address doesn’t match address in the signature.


  3. Set your allowance: enter the amount of USDT you want to spend on UTU Coin.
    This step is necessary because USDT does not support approving and sending in one step for smart contracts. If you later want to change the allowance, it has to be reset to zero first.

    After creating USDT allowance.

    After creating USDT allowance.


You’re now ready to participate in the crowdsale when it starts!


Take Part in the Crowdsale

As long as the crowdsale hasn’t started yet on 14th Oct 08:00am EAT / 05:00am UTC, there is a countdown timer shown. 

When the crowdsale started,

  1. Transfer your USDT to buy your UTU Coin.
    Sending USDT.

    Sending USDT.

Note that within the first hour of the Crowdsale you will only be able to send once with a max. of 1242 USDT. 

After the first hour, you will be able to send again as much as you want, how often you want, as long as there are UTU Coin remaining for sale. 

The last send might get reduced in volume if there are not enough UTU Coin remaining.


Claim your UTU Coin

After the crowdsale ends on 16th Oct 08:00am EAT / 05:00am UTC:

  1. Claim

    Claiming UTU Coin.

    Claiming UTU Coin.


 🎉 Congratulations, you received your UTU Coin!! 🎉

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