We’re finishing up Milestone 1 for the Ocean Protocol integration, partnered with Big Data Protocol and Numio, and more!

The UTU Update - August 2021

UTU Trust Guardians,

Welcome to the August 2021 edition of the UTU Update!

Let’s jump right into the recap!

You can view the UTU Update in video form here:

Tech and Product Updates

We’ve made great progress on a number of projects in the works. 

First, we’re putting the finishing touches on Milestone 1 for the Ocean Protocol integration.

We’re about to release an updated version of our DeFi Portal, which will contain the initial trust signals for Ocean data assets. We’ve also conducted some user interviews to refine the signals that we’re showing there.

We’re also making good progress on porting the UTU Trust Token smart contract to Ethereum, and we’re working on its oracle integration. 

On the API side, we’ve mostly focused on helping clients with integrating the UTU Trust SDK and APIs. We’ll see concrete results of this shortly.

We’re also about to release improvements to the Trust SDK, making Angular, Vue and plain Javascript integrations work more smoothly.

Finally, we’ve extended our M-PESA Parser API to be able to process business statements, in addition to personal ones. This will enable Kenyan businesses to easily pull data from business statements for use in credit scoring and analysis (including our Creditworthiness API). 

Partnership with Big Data Protocol

We’ve partnered with Big Data Protocol to integrate our Trust API into the BDP Data Market!

First, we will work together to integrate the UTU Trust API on BDP Data Market to create trust signals for and personalized curation of data providers, buyers, and datasets to increase conversions. 

Secondly, we will explore ways to use the Trust API to automate BDP’s data provider vetting process. 

Lastly, we will explore ways to share data between the two protocols. Data from BDP’s ecosystem of over 16,500 professional data providers can be leveraged for the UTU protocol to improve our trust models.

Read more about the partnership here.

Partnership with Numio

We also partnered with Numio to list UTU Coin on their mobile wallet app!

UTU Coin has been listed on the Numio Layer 1 wallet, and will eventually be listed on the Layer 2 wallet. 

UTU and Numio will also investigate how Numio Identity and UTU’s trust infrastructure can be integrated to increase the level of trust in apps where these products are deployed.

Read all about the partnership here

AMA with Kephi Gallery’s CEO, Nico Verderosa

We hosted Nico Verderosa, CEO of our partner Kephi Gallery, for an AMA in our Telegram group. 

Nico answered a bunch of questions about what Kephi is, how it’s different from other NFT marketplaces, and more! 

Here’s the link to the AMA transcript. 

Trust Guardian Interviews

We held two amazing Trust Guardian interviews this month:

Check out those interviews and let us know what you think!

Blog post – Why Digital Trust Is Essential to Scale Your Business Today

Embracing digital trust will set up your business for success in this increasingly digital world. 

Read our latest blog post, Why Digital Trust Is Essential to Scale Your Business Today, to learn why digital trust is so important for your business, and the 5 things you need to do to leverage digital trust for growth. 


We hope you enjoyed this UTU Update! Stay tuned for more exciting news to come.

Thanks for your support, Trust Guardians!


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