The UTU Trust browser extension is now officially live in Public Beta on the Chrome and Brave browsers! With the UTU Trust extension, web 3 users can review and endorse dApps and websites as they browse the web. They can also see feedback and endorsements of sites and dApps from their personal networks just as they’re about to decide if they want to interact with them or not. The UTU Trust extension allows users to share reviews as quick video stories, star ratings, badges, and text reviews, as well as to make endorsements with the user’s reputation, measured in UTU Trust Tokens (UTT).

With the UTU Browser Extension, there’s no more second-guessing online interactions with reliable signals from the people you already trust, delivered to you at just the right time and place to help you make good decisions online! In addition to boosting online trust, users earn digital reputation (UTT) and eventually $UTU rewards, for helping others get good outcomes online. This way, the UTU browser extension provides a great way to help us keep each other safe online, and create a positive economic incentive model where we earn rewards when others benefit from our feedback and dodgy actors get excluded or their impacts heavily mitigated by both the UTU curation and tokenization models.

Actions on the web, especially on Web3 can carry some real and perceived risk. Although web3 is meant to liberate us from the restrictive ownership and data silos of web 2, other anxieties manifest. You can never be too sure about new websites you encounter. With dApps, this apprehension is even more acute, “Will that dApp you just discovered drain your wallet?”

There’s technical trust such as can be earned by technical analysis and smart contract audit but these mechanisms are only part of the answer and rely heavily on centralized sources of trust. UTU’s model of social trust relies more on our real-world instincts of trust, trusting the folks we already know, who have knowledge or expertise in a particular topic – we probably already interact with such folks from our wallets, or follow them on Twitter, or chat with them on Telegram – this is the foundation of the network from which UTU shows you signal – no randos, no bots – unless you’re friends with them… in which case you’re on your own 🙂.

This first public beta version of the UTU Trust Extension has some limitations, and definitely some bugs, that we look forward to overcoming with you all. Currently, you can view and leave signals about websites & dApps only, with the URL clipped after the domain. We also know it’s kind of a pain to need to connect each time to each site to endorse it, and we’re already working on a more streamlined user flow. Connecting UTU with Twitter also isn’t working at the moment because well…Elon, but that should be resolved soon too.

Future versions of the UTU Trust Extension will allow you to clip the URL at various places to open up signals for individual pages and subdomains of sites and dApps. You will also soon be able to enter any blockchain address into the UTU Trust Extension to get UTU Trust signals for that asset, whether it’s a wallet, token, smart contract, liquidity pool, NFT, or otherwise. These features will move UTU Protocol significantly closer to its mission to support the capture and display of signal for any uniquely identifiable assets on the web to help users connect, send, swap, stake, and borrow in a much safer way . Stay tuned for an upcoming “How to build your reputation with the UTU Trust Extension” post that will walk you through all the details.

Say goodbye to online uncertainty, start earning UTT, and build your online reputation by visiting