This has been one of the most exciting things we have done since we started UTU. We have raised money before, many times but never trough a token sale, we had no idea what to expect, we had no idea what will happen. I don’t think anything could have prepared us for this crazy, wild, roller coaster ride of fundraising. When we started this at the end of August we took advice from our advisors and friends and we soldiered on and believed in UTU. The primary reason why we are doing this is to make the UTU dream a reality. So we have enough funding to build, scale and create everything we promised in the whitepaper. That’s why I am so happy to announce that we officially closed Presale 3 round. When we look back we are in awe what we have achieved so far and we are humbled by everyone’s support :

Private Sale 1: Sold Out

Private Sale 2: Sold Out

Presale Sale 1: Sold Out

Presale Sale 2: Sold Out

Presale Sale 3: Sold Out

As the old proverb says : “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and looking back our journey is well on it’s way.

The next step we are going to take it’s going to be the Crowdsale. Since we started this journey many things have happened and many have reminded us why DeFi and the blockchain space in general are the fastest moving things in the universe. We hope that we have demonstrated the ability to adapt to the ever changing circumstances and we are going to keep trying to evolve as things progress.

Crowdsale wise, we will announce the details on 8th of October with specific instructions on how exactly how to do it but we expect a rush so please in the meantime go trough the KYC and make sure you have a reserved spot in advance.

The crowd sale requires KYC, please make sure you complete and pass KYC well before the start time (details to be announced) here:

We want to thank EVERY single investor we had in all of the rounds, everyone who supported us trough AMA’s and all of our community members. We never forget those who help us!

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