We’ve delivered Milestone 1 for the Ocean Protocol integration, partnered with API3, PhoenixDAO, Dreamr, and DeHR, and more!

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UTU Trust Guardians,

Welcome to the September 2021 edition of the UTU Update!

Lots to cover, so let’s go!

You can view the UTU Update in video form here:

Tech and Product Updates

There’s been a lot of building going on!

First, we’ve delivered Milestone 1 for the Ocean Protocol integration.

You can see the updates to our DeFi Portal, which now contains the trust signals for Ocean data assets. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Next, we’re building a WooCommerce WordPress plugin for the Trust API, which spawned from a need from one of our pilot partners (soon to be announced!). This opens up our potential customer base to any marketplace built on WordPress that uses WooCommerce, which is a lot! Stay tuned for more information about the plugin and an announcement about our client.

We’ve made a lot of progress integrating our Creditworthiness API with one of our pilot partners, which should go live soon.

We continue to build out the UTU Trust Token smart contract and are working on its oracle integration. 

All of this on top of more customer integrations!


We forged four partnerships this month with some great projects!


Dreamr is an ecosystem of social networking and decentralized financial tools designed specifically to make it practical for people to pursue their biggest dreams and aspirations. 

We’ll integrate our Trust API into Dreamr to help users more easily find like-minded, trustworthy connections and help them build these important networks and pursue their dreams.

And when Dreamr launches its peer-to-peer hiring marketplace, the UTU Trust API will recommend service providers who are the best fit for projects that need to be completed. 

Additionally, Dreamr users can rate and review other users, services, and entities on the platform to provide in-depth feedback and power even better recommendations. 

Read more about the partnership here


We have formed a partnership with API3 to provide a first-party oracle connection for developers looking to integrate our AI-powered APIs!

We will make our Trust API and Creditworthiness API accessible via API3’s Airnode first-party oracle. This means that developers who want to increase trust of their marketplace dApps can use API3 to easily integrate our Trust API, and developers building lending dApps can do the same with our Creditworthiness API. 

Also, we will explore the use of Airnode for delivering and tracking the UTU Trust Token (UTT) across chains, which of course will facilitate the rewarding of UTU Protocol users for performing trustworthy actions and sharing their data with the protocol.

Click here to read all about it. 


We’ve partnered with PhoenixDAO and will work together on a number of fronts. 

First, we’ll integrate our Trust API into the PhoenixDAO Events Marketplace. This will allow event attendees to rate and review events, and they’ll receive personalized event recommendations based on social connections and user-permissioned data.

Second, we will integrate the Trust API into PhoenixDAO’s Identity solution to generate trust signals for users of any dApps using Phoenix Identity, enabling users to transact in a more trustworthy environment.

Finally, UTU will use the PhoenixDAO events dApp for future events!

Read the details about the partnership here


DeHR stands for “Decentralized Human Resources” and we will work together to integrate the UTU Trust API and SDK into the DeHR platform. This will help connect job seekers and employers directly in a more trustworthy space.

Additionally, job seekers can rate and review employers, and vice versa, to further increase trust. 

Read more here. 

AMA in the Kephi Gallery Telegram Group

UTU CEO Jason Eisen and CTO Bastian Blankenburg answered a bunch of questions in our partner Kephi Gallery’s Telegram group!

Here’s the link to the AMA transcript. 

Trust Guardian Interviews

Mike spoke with two of the co-founders of Big Data Protocol (one of our recent partners), Jordan Hauer and Mark Donovick. 

Click here to view this interview and let us know what you think!


We hope you enjoyed this UTU Update! Stay tuned for more exciting news to come.

Thanks for your support, Trust Guardians!

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