In November 2020, we launched our DeFi Portal MVP, updated our Trust API and SDK, forged three key partnerships, and more.

Hello UTU Trust Guardians! Welcome to the very first edition of the UTU Update!

Here’s where we will provide you with highlights of everything that’s been going on at UTU — which is a lot!

We’ll start off doing these updates monthly and increase the frequency as necessary.

You can read our updates or view the video with our CEO Jason Eisen, CTO Bastian Blankenburg, and CCO Mike Chan below. Enjoy!

Tech and Product Updates

Launched the DeFi Portal MVP

We launched the MVP (minimum viable product) of our first public-facing product — the DeFi Portal!

The number of DeFi platforms has exploded, and it’s tough to decipher which are legitimate or risky to put your money into. So we’ve applied our trust infrastructure and built the DeFi Portal to help you identify DeFi protocols that are trustworthy to interact with.

Read more about how to try it and provide feedback here. We would love to hear from you!

Improvements to the UTU Trust API and SDK

Our trust API is at the core of how we deliver value with our trust infrastructure. We’ve made massive improvements to this API that allows our clients to more easily integrate our trust algorithms into their systems for various use cases, such as:

  1. Adding more relationship types to model different kinds of transactions, such as blockchain transactions for the DeFi Portal and other decentralised use cases.
  2. Devising a generalised feedback model to support use-case specific badges, videos, and other kinds of feedback.

In addition, we continue to work on the design and development of our software developers kit (SDK) so developers can build on top of our trust platform.

Community Updates

Liquidity Mining Program

We launched the UTU Liquidity Mining program!

You can now earn UTU rewards by providing liquidity to the UTU-ETH and USDC-UTU pools on Uniswap.

APR is currently around 250%. For more information on how to earn your UTU rewards, read this blog post.


We scored three awesome partnerships where we’ll be able to improve upon and deploy our trust infrastructure to increase trust for our clients’ platforms.

UKRI / University of Southampton

We will work with University of Southampton and UKRI to improve recommendation systems that help users retain control over their data privacy. As part of this collaboration, we’ll interact with large companies such as Siemens, IBM, and more. Read more about our research partnership here.


First, we’ve partnered with RideSafe, a blockchain-based application that offers real-time emergency response solutions for the two-wheel taxi sector in Africa. We’ll integrate our trust infrastructure into their mobile application so their users, namely riders and healthcare providers, can access more information about each other to increase trust.

Read more here.


CryptoTask is a freelancing platform that uses blockchain to automate manual work, lower freelancing fees by 90%, and make freelancing easier for both gig workers and the people hiring them.

We’ll incorporate our trust infrastructure to provide CryptoTask users with personalized recommendations from people they trust, rather than anonymous recent reviews, with full privacy control.”

Check out the partnership details here.

Blog posts

We published two blog posts that show the value that our products are providing to different industries.

First, How UTU is building trust in DeFi portrays the problems that DeFi loans face with respect to overcollateralization, scams, and more, and how our trust algorithms can improve credit scoring and trust in DeFi platforms.

We also created an UTU Ecosystem Map that visualizes how global our customers, partners, supporters, and team are and the impact we’re having across the world.

Thanks for reading!

To learn more about UTU, visit us on our website, Twitter, and Telegram.