We launched our Creditworthiness and M-PESA Parser APIs, updated our roadmap, partnered with Kephi Gallery, and more!

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UTU Trust Guardians,

Welcome to the July 2021 edition of the UTU Update!

There’s lots to get to, so let’s jump right into the recap!

You can view the UTU Update in video form here:

Tech and Product Updates

Launch of the Creditworthiness and M-PESA Parser APIs

We launched our Creditworthiness and M-PESA Parser APIs!

The Creditworthiness API will allow both traditional and DeFi lenders to more accurately assess the creditworthiness of borrowers using our artificial intelligence engine. Our AI models will analyze many data inputs, including our clients’ existing customer data, social relationships, and more to better identify trustworthy borrowers and those with a higher probability of default. 

For traditional lenders, our Creditworthiness API can increase loan volume and decrease defaults. For DeFi lenders, this can facilitate undercollateralized loans, which we believe will be the next massive wave in decentralized finance.

We also launched the first version of our M-PESA statement parser! This tool will help our Africa-based clients extract data, such as name, phone number, and account payment activity, from their customers’ M-PESA statements. Clients can then use this data with our Creditworthiness API or their own credit scoring models. 

We already have high interest in these products, so stay tuned for some announcements!

Read this blog post for more information

Update to the UTU Product Roadmap

We made some significant updates to our product roadmap into mid-2022!

These updates include information about:

  • The UTU testnet and how we’re porting it to Ethereum.
  • Deliverables for our partnership with Ocean Protocol.
  • Timeline for UTU mainnet launch.
  • Expansion and improvements to our Trust API + SDK.
  • More!

Check out our roadmap update here. 

Partnership with Kephi Gallery

We’ve partnered with our very first NFT marketplace, Kephi Gallery!

We will integrate our Trust API into the Kephi Gallery marketplace so users will receive personalized recommendations and ratings from similar buyers and sellers. We will also incorporate our ratings and review functionality, including the ability to add badges and video stories.

Artists selling their NFTs will benefit from increased sales and uptake. Buyers will have an improved customer experience, as they can make purchase decisions in a more trustworthy environment. 

Read more about the partnership here.

AMA with The Block Circle 

CEO Jason and CTO Bastian participated in an AMA in The Block Circle Telegram group. 

They answered a ton of questions about our roadmap, long-term vision, views on privacy, and more! 

Check out the transcript of the AMA here

Trust Guardian Interviews

We did another three Trust Guardian interviews this month, including conversations with:

Check out those interviews and let us know what you think!


We hope you enjoyed this UTU Update! Stay tuned for more exciting news to come.

Thanks for your support, Trust Guardians!

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