february 2021 update

We’ve continued to improve our Trust API, updated our roadmap, and partnered with Oasis and HYVE in February 2021.

UTU Trust Guardians,

Welcome to the February 2021 edition of the UTU Update. A lot happened this past month, so let’s get right to it. You can either watch or read the update below. Or better yet, both!

(We had some issues with Jason’s video, so you’ll only get audio from him. But you’ll still see my and Bastian’s sweet faces!)

Tech and Product Updates

We are getting close to the first release of our Trust API (application programming interface) and web SDK (software development kit)!

In the last month, we worked on pulling all the different components together to get ready for the release. We also cleaned up some technical debt. Just putting on the finishing touches!

We also worked on the UTU Trust Token endorsement smart contract, and the alpha version is currently on the œternity blockchain. After we release the first version of that, we will look into which other chains or Layer 2 solutions to support next.

We also released our updated roadmap for 2021. You can read the full roadmap blog post, but here’s the TLDR:


  • Launch V1 of the Trust API and SDK
  • Release Fintech API MVP and M-PESA Parser


  • Launch UTU testnet
  • Release Android SDK of UTU Trust API
  • Launch DeFi Portal v2


  • Launch UTU mainnet
  • Release iOS SDK for UTU Trust API
  • Launch UTU Developer program
  • Extend trust services to other key pipeline sectors


  • Integrate UTU mainnet with Trust API
  • Extend this integration to many other use cases
  • Launch MVP of governance process

We are super excited about all the progress we’re making. Stay tuned for more news about our product releases!

Partnership with Oasis Foundation

We’ve partnered with the Oasis Foundation to integrate our trust infrastructure into the Oasis Network!

Our trust and credit scoring oracles can be incorporated into DeFi applications built on Oasis. This will allow these apps to better assess users’ creditworthiness and enable more undercollateralized lending.

Applications built on the Oasis Network will also be able to integrate our AI-powered recommendation and reviews engine to increase conversions and network effects.

Oasis and UTU share a similar philosophy on data privacy, so all of this will be done with data privacy front and center.

We hosted Oasis team members for an AMA in our Telegram group, and Oasis hosted us for an AMA in their Telegram group as well. Check out those links for the full transcripts.

Partnership with HYVE

We also partnered with HYVE to increase trust in the global workforce industry!

We will work with HYVE to integrate our Trust API into their platform, and UTU Coin will be accepted as a currency for payments between HYVE’s users.

Read the full announcement here.

Stay tuned for more news to come! We appreciate your support.

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