UTU Update April 2021

We’re onboarding pilot partners to our Trust API, partnered with Curacel and DefiCliq, hired a new Head of Marketing, and more in April 2021!

UTU Trust Guardians,

Welcome to the April 2021 edition of the UTU Update!

Let’s jump right into all the happenings over the last month!

You can view the UTU Update in video form here:


Tech and Product Updates

After launching the first version of the Trust API, we’re actively working with our pilot partners to onboard them into the UTU ecosystem. 

Additionally, we’re close to deploying the ability for users to create video reviews, which will allow for much richer, visual feedback for our clients. 

We’re also working on our Creditworthiness and MPESA APIs and are in active talks with clients on integration. 

All of these products will be integrated into our unified console and API gateway framework.



We’ve partnered with Curacel to increase and improve insurance coverage across Africa!

We will work with Curacel toward releasing socially-powered insurance concepts that marry traditional models of social insurance with formal modern insurance offerings. We will also explore improving their adjudication and fraud detection systems using blockchain technology to verify insurance coverage and even pay out claims. 

Read about the partnership here.


We also formed a partnership with DefiCliq to facilitate undercollateralized loans!

Our creditworthiness API will be integrated into their undercollateralized loan platform to help determine qualified borrowers and allow them to access lending with lower collateral amounts.

Read more here. 

Updates to UTU Coin Tokenomics

We’ve made updates to and clarified our tokenomics and $UTU release schedule. 

The big change is that we’ve delayed the starting release date of our team token allocation by nine months, to June 2022. 

Read about the updates and clarifications here.

New Hire – Head of Marketing, Shiku Njathi

We recently hired a new Head of Marketing, Shiku Njathi!

Shiku will lead all aspects of marketing, including our B2B lead generation, content, social, community engagement, and everything else that comes with growing the UTU brand. 

Shiku spoke with our CCO Mike Chan about her background and role at UTU. Check out the video here:


Welcome, Shiku!


AMA with Harmony

We held two AMAs with our partners at Harmony protocol.

First, we hosted Harmony Co-Founder Sahil Dewan for an AMA in our Telegram group. You can read the transcript here

Then, UTU CEO Jason and CTO Bastian answered questions about UTU in Harmony’s subreddit. Check out the Q&A here. 

AMA with Satoshi Club

Jason and Bastian also answered questions from the 55K+ members in Satoshi Club’s Telegram group. 

Check out the transcript here.


We hope you enjoyed this UTU Update! Stay tuned for more exciting news to come.

Thanks for your support, Trust Guardians!


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