Here’s how you can help us test the UTU Protocol TestNet.

Dear UTU Trust Guardians,

We are thrilled to announce that we have launched the UTU incentivized testnet to test the UTU Protocol for trustworthy actions!

Our tech team has been working really hard to launch the UTU Protocol Testnet and we can’t wait to hear your feedback. This will be an iterative process where we launch new features, get your feedback, incorporate it into the next version, and continue to release features. We will start small and ramp up over the following months, leading up to the mainnet launch.

Here’s what you need to do to help test our testnet.

How to use the UTU Protocol Testnet

To test the UTU Protocol Testnet, you’ll first use Ethereum’s Goerli test network to interact with a DeFi app that’s deployed there. You’ll then use Polygon’s Matic Mumbai test network (where UTU’s testnet is deployed) to provide feedback for the DeFi apps you just used. Please make sure that you’re using the same wallet address across all networks. 

  1. You will need some MATIC on Polygon Mumbai testnet and ETH on Görli testnet in the following steps. 
    1. Get Polygon Mumbai:
    2. You can verify that MATIC has been sent to your address by adding Polygon Mumbai test network to your wallet and switching to it. Or you can just let the app add it for you later in step 5).
    3. Get Ethereum Görli:
    4. There’s also the Görli Gitter community where one can ask for ETH if the faucet doesn’t work.
  2. Go to and connect your Metamask wallet.
  3. Follow the link to and use any of the protocols listed. You will be asked to switch to Görli testnet if not there already. You can swap, provide liquidity, or do anything else your heart desires.
  4. Go to and connect your wallet. 
  5. Connect Twitter and/or Telegram accounts. You will be asked to add Polygon Mumbai test network to your wallet*, if it’s not already added, and then to switch to that.
  6. Return to The “Give feedback” button should now be visible for the protocols you transacted on Goerli earlier (though sometimes, it might take a while to show up, in which case you might want to check back some 15 minutes later or so).
  7. Give feedback and make an endorsement.

Other testing accounts in the first account’s network (tx, Twitter, TG) should now be able to see the feedback when they connect their wallet to the DeFi Portal.

UPDATE: We recommend you check this great walkthrough video from one of our community members for how to engage with our testnet!

Thanks for your support!

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