Ready to start building your online reputation with the UTU Trust Browser Extension? This guide will walk you through the important steps. Installing the UTU Trust Browser Extension The first step is to install the UTU Trust extension on chrome at this link UTU Trust Browser Extension for Chrome or Brave.


Pinning the UTU Trust extension to your browser toolbar

You will then need to pin the UTU Trust extension to your browser’s toolbar. First, open Google Chrome and click on the three dots icon in the top right corner     , then click on More tools and then click on Extensions. Locate the UTU icon from the list of extensions and click the Pin icon next to it. You can now easily access UTU in your browser’s toolbar.


Connect your wallet to the UTU Trust Extension 

The next step is to connect your wallet to UTU protocol. Click “Connect Wallet” and then select your preferred wallet connection, UTU protocol supports MetaMask and Wallet Connect. When the wallet window opens, click next and then confirm the transaction.

If you don’t have a wallet, you might consider one such as MetaMask, but as with anything, do your own research before choosing a wallet. For the remainder of the walkthrough, we’ll assume you’re using MetaMask.


Connecting your Social Media to earn UTT

After connecting your wallet, connect your Telegram & Twitter accounts to the UTU Protocol to provide data and earn UTU Trust Tokens (UTT), your digital reputation. You will also be able to see feedback and endorsements made by those in the social networks you connect as well as from the network of wallets you’ve interacted with from your wallet.


Share your Feedback & Stake your Reputation on it

You can now start providing feedback on any domain and soon any uniquely identifiable asset on the internet and stake your UTT on the things you really love and believe in. Simply provide feedback using the “Give Feedback” button on the UTU Trust Extension or any web domain (we currently clip the URL after the domain, ie., omitting any part of the link after the domain).

From the Give Feedback Form, you can record video reviews, leave a star rating, badges, text, and most importantly, stake your UTT on things you’re really confident in. Enter any amount of UTT (up to your displayed UTT balance) and then click “Endorse.” When your staked endorsements help others get good outcomes, you’ll earn UTT and also $UTU in the future.


Pause UTU Signals for a Particular Site To hide the UTU Trust Extension ribbon when you don’t want to see it on a certain website or domain, simply click the UTU Trust extension icon and click the ‘Pause UTU signals‘ toggle. You can do this for any other website on which you wish to hide UTU signals.

Pro Tip: You can also drag the UTU Trust Extension around the screen if it’s blocking a menu or button.


Disconnecting from the UTU Trust Extension

To disconnect and sign out of the extension, click on the UTU Trust browser extension icon, then click the “Disconnect Wallet” button.


Earning $UTU Rewards from Staked UTT

As more users are influenced by your staked endorsements, have good outcomes and endorse those entities/assets as well, you will earn more reputation in UTT and rewards in $UTU. $UTU rewards will be paid from the Ecosystem Growth Pool and user fees.


Spending or Swapping $UTU

You will be able to use your $UTU Coin to pay for access to UTU signals and other service providers in the UTU Ecosystem. You can also swap your $UTU for other currencies on your favorite decentralized exchange! As an $UTU holder, you will also have a chance to participate in UTU Protocol governance!


Troubleshooting If you’re having trouble viewing/giving endorsements, you can come back to this menu by right-clicking on the UTU Icon and choosing “Manage Extension.” Make sure the “Allow access to file URLs” Toggle is set to “On.” If you are having trouble endorsing a website, it could also be because you are not connected to that site with MetaMask. Currently you can only make endorsements via the UTU Trust extension for websites that you have already connected to Metamask.

Connect to Sites you want to Endorse 
First, browse to the website you want to endorse. Next, click on the Metamask icon in your browser’s toolbar to open the Metamask window. 

Then click on the three dots to open the menu. Finally you need to click on the nav icon on the top right and select the ‘connected sites’ option.


Here you will see all sites that are connected to Metamask and have access to your Metamask balance and wallet address. If you are on a website your metamask is not connected to it will allow you to connect to it manually at the bottom of this screen by click the manually connect to current site. Only do this this if you are certain the site is SAFE!


Approve the connection then reload the page to view your balance on the UTU Trust Extension and you should be able to endorse this page now.

We don’t prompt you to connect Metamask on new websites because they could be malicious and try to access your wallet. So, if you want to endorse on a completely new website, you need to add it manually to your list of connected sites from MetaMask as described above.

You can also try disconnecting and reconnecting the UTU extension on the website you want to endorse if problems persist.

We understand this is not the best user experience and are working on a release that will improve this in the short term.


In the future, we will make it easier for you to endorse on any website securely and more easily. If the extension is not showing feedback forms and balance on some websites, then some of the UTU Trust extension features may not be supported by some websites due to website policy restrictions set by the website owners. However, we are working on making support across all websites seamless and ensure the extension is a great experience across all platforms and browsers.


We would love to hear from you! Connect with UTU and get in touch via our any of our social media channels below.